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With approx 1.200 members the IAA Germany is one of the larger Alumni Associations of the INSEAD. 

 There are plenty of  good reasons to be a member of the IAAGermany:

Membership provides access to INSEAD Members´only Websites such as Career Services, Lifelong Learning as well as access to Business Source Premier.

IAAGermany serves as a network of INSEAD Alumni in Germany aiming to promote lifelong learning with seminars such as  INBOARD and to support their members in their professional environment through a variety of services accessible to members only. Some of the benefits include clubs, forums and more than 50 events per year such as lectures by prominent representatives from business and politics, company visits, "business clubs" e.g. Entrepreneurship Forum, Energy Club, Private Equity Club, Finance and Insurance Club, ARENA and Health Care Forum and, last, but not least, the Annual Conference at home or abroad  with an accompanying program consisting of lectures, debates, and a festive ball.

The membership fee is 125.00 EUR p.a. This annual contribution is used  to fund the services, administration and activities of the IAAGermany.
Membership is for one calendar year and is renewed automatically for another year until cancellation by written notice (via email) to the IAAGermany Secretariat.
Looking very much forward to welcoming you as a member!
Please click here to get to the Membership Form. If you are interested to become active as a volunteer in our association, please contact us.

In order to save time and effort we do appriciate  if payment of the annual membership fee is arrange by direct debiting.  If you are already a member and agree to direct debiting please fill in the Direct Debiting Agreement SEPA Lastschriftmandat .


If interested, please  click here to get to IAAGermany´s Articles of Association.

In order to stay connected we strongly recommend a regular update of your data in connect. For this purpose, please fill in the attached Change of Membership Data Form.