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Welcome to the IAA Germany!

With approx 1.250 members the IAA Germany is one of the larger Alumni Associations of the INSEAD. 


Who we are and what we offer

Being a member in the IAAG is a great opportunity to meet interesting people, to connect to Alumni of other promotions, build new inspiring relationships in a relaxed atmosphere of one of our numerous and versatile events. 

The IAA Germany does not only serve as a network. It is also aiming to promote lifelong learning in cooperation with the INSEAD and to support our members in their professional environment through a variety of services accessible to members only, such as Career Services, Lifelong Learning as well as access to Business Source Premier. If you have any questions regarding these services please refer to Clubs, forums  such as the Entrepreneurship Forum, Energy Club, Private Equity Club IPEN, Finance and Insurance Club, ARENA, Health Care Forum and more than 50 events per year such as lectures by prominent representatives from business and politics, company visits and INBOARD – IAAG´s Board Initiative are also integrated part of the membership benefits. 

Annual Conference

2018 from 14 - 16 September in Edinburgh